Picking a Hand Winch


A winch is a mechanical apparatus which can be utilized to effortlessly twist in or wind out a rope, link or wire. Winches have various distinctive uses, from pulling in sails on a cruising watercraft, to pulling vehicles out of bargaining circumstances. There are many kinds of winches like the electrical winch, mechanical drum winch, hydraulic drum winch and mechanical portable winch. However, the most common type is hand winches.

Hand winches work best for pulling in or lifting items that are large or heavy like loading boats into trailers. Hand winches have the capacity to lift objects up to 4,000 lbs. This comes especially handy in situations where you want to extract your 4×4 from a soggy bog or rescue your friend’s car from an accident. Hand winches require some kind of accessory like a cable or strap to pull a heavy object for a short distance. Some hand winches have a single speed and work best for small boats, and there is also 2-speed hand winch which can be used for pulling big boats or heavier type of car.

If you are thinking of investing a winch, here are some excellent reasons why a hand winch would be most useful.

  1. Love off-roading? If you are the type who enjoys roughing it out in a car, a hand winch is a must-have. It can get your car out of unexpected situations like being stuck in mud or ice. It is also essential in rescue missions that involve vehicles or heavy lifting.
  1. One of the best practical reasons for owning a Warn 8000 lb winch is it comes useful in moving heavy objects like fallen tree, sheds, and outbuildings. As a homeowner, there would be times when you have to do the moving yourself, and without any assistance, you may hurt yourself but with a hand winch, moving would be more manageable and easier for your back.
  1. When you own a boat, your hand winch will come in handy in maneuvering the boat out of the water going into the trailer and then back again.

Choosing the best hand winch is not easy especially as there are a plethora of brands available in the market. And there are also those considerations and personal requirements that should be meet in purchasing the hand winch. Perhaps you want a fast winch, or maybe you prefer something slower but more efficient in pulling or lifting. By  into consideration the size and weight of your vehicle, you can determine how strong your winch should be. You also need to think about the type and length of cable that would work best with the hand winch.


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